Flight Tickets

Apart from your every day savings on groceries and household products, we also offer excellent deals on local, African and international flights. To compare and book flights easily, all you have to do is go to one of our Money Market counters at your nearest Shoprite or visit www.computickettravel.com. We’ll look for your ideal departure dates and times, and our system will display all the options that fit your requirements.

Booking flights has never been easier

  • Go to any Money Market counter with your ID/passport. If you’re booking on someone’s behalf, bring a copy of their ID or passport.
  • Pick the date and time you wish to depart, the city you’re flying from and where you’re going
  • Choose your ideal flight from the list of possible options
  • Pay for your ticket
  • Get ready to pack up and enjoy your trip!

Why book your flights with us?

  • Our booking system does all the work for you, by taking all your requirements and gathering all the possible flights in one place.
  • This means you can compare a wide selection and find the flight closest to your ideal time, date and budget.
  • With the wide variety to choose from, you get to book cheap flights at the price that suits your pocket best.
  • You can also get in touch with us via our call centre by simply dialling 0861 915 4000.

If you want a quick, convenient solution for booking flights, all you have to do is go to the Shoprite Money Market. Otherwise, make your Computicket Travel booking today at www.computickettravel.com.

Carriers to choose from

  • Air Namibia
  • British Airways
  • Condor
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Etihad
  • Kenyan Airways
  • Lufthansa
  • South African Airways
  • Swiss Airlines
  • Qatar