• Description:

    You’ll go bananas for this delicious, easy and affordable dessert recipe. Go on, satisfy your coffee craving while relishing the classic combination of banana and ice cream. Try it today! Preparation: 5 min. Cooking: 2 hrs to freeze bananas. Serves 6

  • Ingredients:

    2 tbsp. (30 ml) Nescafé Ricoffy granules, mixed with 1 tbsp. (15 ml) hot water

    8 large bananas, peeled & diced
    1 cup (250 ml) maas; chilled


  • Method:

    1. Place diced bananas in a freezer-proof container in the freezer for about 2 hrs or until frozen solid.
    2. Place the frozen banana, maas and coffee in a blender and blitz until smooth and velvety, like softened ice cream, taste it and add a little extra coffee if you prefer.
    3. Spoon into a freezer-proof container and freeze until solid, about 2–3 hrs.
    4. Scoop into cones and serve.