• Description:

    Thanks to a couple of hacks and clever microwave use, this mouthwatering Easter egg recipe is not only much easier than you might think, but is also a fun task for kids. When it comes to pressing the marshmallow shapes out, just be sure to push down firmly and wiggle the cutter about a bit - this will help you to remove the eggs more easily. It’s also a good idea to dip the cutter in water in-between removing each shape, as this will prevent the marshmallow mixture from sticking to the mold.

  • Ingredients:

    960 g marshmallows

    1 Tbsp. margarine

    1 cup icing sugar

    1 cup corn flour

    360 g milk chocolate

  • Method:

    1. Melt the marshmallows for 40 - 60 seconds in the microwave until melted completely. It may not look like it has melted but once you stir, it will melt completely.
    2. Grease a baking dish and along the sides with the margarine and dust it by sifting half the icing sugar and half the cornflour through a sieve and shaking to coat the entire dish.
    3. Pour the melted marshmallow mixture into the prepared dish and allow to set for 30-40 minutes or until stiff enough to shape.
    4. Break the chocolate into a bowl and microwave in 30 second bursts for about 2 minutes or until the chocolate is completely melted.
    5. Dip the cookie cutter into a bowl of water and begin pressing out the marshmallow. Continue pressing out the egg shapes, if it gets sticky just dip it back into the water.
    6. Once all the marshmallows have been cut out, dust them in the corn flour and icing sugar before coating them in the melted chocolate.
    7. Allow to set on a cooling rack until the chocolate has hardened. You can put them into the fridge if you want it to set quicker.
    8. Once set, enjoy.