Treat your taste buds to the zingy and sweet orange juice chicken strips..


4 chicken breasts; cut into strips
1 cup orange juice
1 cup amasi
1L cooking oil
1 cup flour
2 tbsp. garlic powder
1 tbsp. paprika
2 tbsp. butter
3 garlic cloves; minced
2 tbsp. brown sugar
1/2 cup chopped spring onion
Salt and pepper‚ to taste


  1. In a deep pot, heat your oil.
  2. In a bowl, mix flour, garlic powder, paprika, salt and pepper. Set aside a separate bowl with amasi.
  3. Dip your chicken strips in amasi, then dip the strips in the seasoned flour mix.
  4. Next, carefully deep fry your chicken strips in the hot oil.
  5. Once done, remove from the oil and place on a clean kitchen towel to drain any excess oil.
  6. In a pan, melt butter and sauté your garlic. Add sugar and orange juice and let it simmer until it reduces.
  7. Finally, add in your chicken strips, coat them in the sauce, sprinkle some spring onion over it and serve. Enjoy!

Recipe by Zanele Van Zyl from Cooking with Zanel